Drive your Sales Pipeline forward

Want to close more sales? Here’s how using OnePageCRM's Sales Pipeline 

Your Pipeline in OnePageCRM is a core forecasting tool and gives you a clear view of your expected future revenue. Today, I’m going to summarize the core elements of your Sales Pipeline and highlight the pros of using it in order to better manage your deals, become more productive and most importantly increase sales.

How to set up your Pipeline?

First things first, edit your Deal Stages Funnel to reflect your workflow (only the account owner / admin have the rights to change this element). This is vital as it ensures there is a company wide efficient sales process put in place. By actively moving the prospect through the relevant stages,  you’ll become more focused and driven in order to ultimately close the deal. i.e. In a B2B environment, sending a quotation and having an online meeting are very poignant stages for me so I've included both in my funnel.

The Deal Stages funnel allows you to focus on what’s important - i.e. when you’re coming close to the end of the month and you’ve that one “big shot” deal at 90% - it’s perhaps a phone call away from being closed - then don’t wait, get on that phone and add the finishing touches! Equally, it’s important to have deal’s at different stages in the funnel too as it provides a good stepping stone for the month/ months ahead.

What is Weighted v’s Unweighted?

You can also select if your Pipeline is “Weighted” or “Unweighted” - Weighted would result in the percentage value of the Sale being shown as that value in your Pipeline, whilst the Unweighted refers to the full amount regardless of the stage of the funnel they’re currently at.

Drive your sales people!

A good salesperson is target driven and strives to become the “best seller”. The Sales Pipeline can help motivate your team as they can clearly identify how they’re progressing with their prospects and how close they’re coming to achieving / exceeding their targets. Questions arise such as do they need to “up their game” this month, or concentrate on setting up “leads” for next month? All of which are prompted by your Target.


Stay motivated - keep your Pipeline up to date!

Time and time again, I see Pipelines with “warning signs” dotted through out - why? Because, the deal wasn't closed on time or according to its “expected close date”. Its important to update your Pipeline and re-engage with those prospects to see what the status is. Perhaps its a timing error on their behalf (as after all we’re dealing with busy business people) or maybe they’re just not interested. In such cases, its important to mark the deal as “lost” and move on. This is always a good time to request customer feedback - as may be a case of poor time management on your behalf, superior competitor product or simply they weren't interested in the first place.

Warning Triangle.fw 1.fw.png

Further analysis - perhaps a Leader Board?

The ability to “Download a CSV” for all “Pending Deals” and “Deals recently Won /Lost” allows you to do further analysis - perhaps you want to create a killer Sales Leader Board to encourage your Sales Team. You may also want to see a clear summary of the overall deals activity to bring to a board meeting or present to your manager. Handy eh!?

Why Filter your Pipeline?

Lastly, the ability to filter your Pipeline works wonders for Account Managers as it will allow them to clearly see what deals each of their team members are working on and what deals they've recently won / lost. Also, segmenting your Pipeline by Tags / Filters you've saved can help you to see what segments / areas  you’re getting the most deals from depending on your set up. For more info on Segmentation in OnePageCRM - check out this article

The above is just a summary of our Sales Pipeline, once you start confidently using it, you will be amazed at why you didn't “tap” into it before and at how many more deals you will close. A healthy Sales Pipeline makes for a healthy business!

Want to find out more about Deals and Pipeline reporting? Why not join one of our weekly webinarsLet us know your business workflow by emailing or comment below. :)


Authored by:

Carmel Granahan

OnePageCRM Customer Success Team Member

Coming from a background in various industries like Insurance & Healthcare - main focus always been on Customer Satisfaction - Zappos style of course. Even when initially main point of convo is always the weather (must be an Irish thing) I love helping customers adapting OnePageCRM to their business needs. Enjoys escaping from city life to the country..

Xero Admin – Top Five Benefits of Cloud-based Accounting

Xero-logo-hires-RGB Smaller.png

How small businesses keep on top of their invoicing has changed radically over the past few years. More and more businesses are switching to the cloud to make the most of the benefits of online accounting and to help streamline their core processes. As a small business owner, you might be a born entrepreneur but you’re less likely to be a born accountant. So it’s possible that you’ll find bookkeeping a tedious distraction, especially when your focus lies with building your brand and growing your business.

Implementing any sort of new process in a business can be a daunting task. Getting your CRM into the digital realm is central to streamlining your systems, but moving your accounting software to the cloud is another significant step in creating a truly online model. If you’re using poor accounting procedures from the outset, this can leave your business with a build-up of paperwork, irate customers and, more worryingly, without good cash flow. And that’s the last thing you need. After all, there’s not much point in delivering the winning pitch without collecting the rewards. A business is run on revenues, not built-up stock!

Accounting apps like Xero can help make your entire operation run more smoothly. And that gives you more time to do what you love best – selling!

Xero Blog Post.png


Check out the Top Five Ways Xero’s Accounting Software helps you run your business more efficiently in the cloud:

1. Having access to your numbers anywhere, anytime

Using a cloud-based invoicing app like Xero, gives you easy access to your figures anytime, anywhere. It’s hosted remotely which means you don’t need to worry about any time-consuming downloads and updates. To keep up with business on the go, you can even access your invoices using Xero Touch – the latest mobile app. This gives you added flexibility and peace of mind, meaning you don’t need to be sitting in your office to check your cash flow or access your accounts.

2. Getting a totally up-to-date view of the business

When your data lives in the cloud you’ve always got a completely up-to-date view of your current financial situation. And that allows you to make better informed decisions about the financial future of your business. Using traditional accounting methods, you’d have to scroll through pages and pages of out-of-date management reports. Now you’re looking at your company’s finances in real time – and that’s a pretty amazing benefit when you’re a fast-growing company.

3. Building a better relationship with your accountant

As a business owner, you’ll still need to regularly collaborate with your accountant to make sure your financials are up to date, particularly when it comes to filing your end-of-year tax returns to the revenue. As as result, you may spend a lot of time with your accountant – which can be both costly and time-consuming. But with Xero’s Single Ledger Approach, you and your business advisers are always looking at the same online ledger. That means you’ll get a much deeper and more valuable client/accountant experience by talking about your finances in real-time conversations. Your accountant goes from being an expensive compliance overhead, to being an integral part of your management team.

4. Going paperless and decluttering your office

Keeping your paperwork in order can be a challenge. Expenses, receipts and invoices all mount up – and working your way through them takes time. With Xero you can import your paperwork straight into your accounting software, moving your data straight into the digital realm and allowing you to see your numbers at a glance. It helps minimise the risk of manual error and results in a faster and far more efficient method for keeping on top of your finances.

5. Create an ecosystem to fit your business

Finding one system that delivers all your business needs can be a difficult. That’s why its vital to integrate with other online apps which help form part of an entire ecosystem. Check out OnePageCRM’s integration with Xero to build an eco-system here. While Xero is the ideal solution for invoicing and accounting, OnePageCRM can take care of your sales/customer engagement needs. Using the two apps side by side can join the dots – from generating and nurturing leads to ultimately creating revenue. Depending on your needs, you can create a workflow which works for your business and improves the efficiency of regular tasks such as invoicing, reporting, payroll etc. Cloud-based applications play a huge part in making that possible.

OnePageCRM - Xero Ecosystem

Xero Cloud Accounting provides the winning formula

So, it’s clear that a revolution in accounting software has taken place: desktop-based software is dead and the cloud is where its all happening and fast! If you’re an ambitious, tech-savvy, 21st century business, cloud accounting is the unrivaled option for keeping on top of your finances.

Check out Xero today by signing up for a Free 30-day Trial. We’ve got more help and guidance for small businesses on our Website.

Authored by: Steve Ash

Marketing Communications Writer

Steve is the writer in Xero’s UK Marketing team. He’s been an editor and writer for the past six years and was the Editor for PwC’s Tax Marketing team before moving to Xero in 2014. He’s a keen blogger, social media fan and frustrated musician.


Steve Ash

Marketing Communications Writer Steve is the writer in Xero’s UK Marketing team. He’s been an editor and writer for the past six years and was the Editor for PwC’s Tax Marketing team before moving to Xero in 2014. He’s a keen blogger, social media fan and frustrated musician.

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